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Commercial fishermen oppose proposed oyster farm in Brunswick

Staff |

A group of Brunswick commercial fishermen opposed an application by Mere Point Oyster Co. for a 40-acre lease in Maquoit Bay.

UMaine report analyzes coastal climate challenges ahead

Staff |

Mainers can expect significant environmental changes in the next two decades due to increased greenhouse gas emissions and patterns of climate variability, says a new report by two...

Shrimp fishery moratorium extended through 2021

The Northern Shrimp Section of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission extended a moratorium on commercial fishing of Gulf of Maine shrimp through 2021.

Ropeless lobster fishing? Stakeholders get a progress report

Staff |

The Ropeless Consortium, a group of scientists and other interested stakeholders hosted by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, met Nov. 6 to consider the prospects of ropeless fishing to reduce...

Lobster industry chief expects bait crunch

Staff |

An expected cutback of the Atlantic herring catch quota is causing concern among lobster fishing interests, which largely rely on herring as bait.

Opponents of Belfast salmon farm defeated in city election

William Hall |

Plans for a $150 million land-based salmon aquaculture facility in Belfast appear to remain on track after opponents of the project were defeated Tuesday in elections for three seats on the...

German shipping company fined for polluting Portland Harbor

Staff |

A German shipping company, MST Mineralien Schiffahrt Spedition und Transport GmbH, has been ordered to pay a $3.2 million fine after pleading guilty Friday to federal charges that it deliberately...

Harbor dredging in Kennebunkport to begin next year

Staff |

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will work next year with a private contractor to dredge sand and silt from Cape Porpoise Harbor, improving marine navigation off the eastern shore of Kennebunkport.

The lobster emoji has landed, heralded as 'positive outcome for Maine'

Renee Cordes |

Mainers, your lobster emoji has landed. It's now available on mobile devices updated with the latest operating system — in geek lingo, that's Apple i0S 12 and Google Android 9.0.

Nordic Aquafarms’ $150M project faces key test in Belfast’s Tuesday elections

Tuesday’s local election in Belfast could play a decisive role in whether Norway-based Nordic Aquafarms proceeds with its $150 million Phase 1 investment in a state-of-the-art land-based...