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How to: Key tenets that will enable nonprofits to successfully manage an endowment

John P. (Jack) Moore |

For some not-for-profit institutions, an endowment can serve as a rainy day fund. For others, it might be their life blood for survival. Endowments serve each institution in a unique...

How to: Evaluate a consulting proposal and make a hiring decision

Steve Musica |

Q: I just received a proposal for consulting services. How should I evaluate the proposal and make a hiring decision?

How to: Make social media part of your networking strategy

Nancy Marshall |

Some believe social media is ruining our personal relationships. I believe the opposite. Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms, we are able to...

How to: Deal with grief in the workplace

Carol Schoneberg |

Grief in the workplace is unavoidable. Whether it's the approaching or sudden death of an employee, or the death of an employee's loved one, the impact will be felt throughout the...

Secure a non-bank SBA 7(a) loan

Rob Wilson |

Every week at CEI 7(a) Financing LLC, known as C7a, a wide variety of small business loan applications arrive on our desks. Most would present challenges to conventional lenders, but...