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Downtowns are key to rebuilding communities across the state

Peter Van Allen |

Officials are finding ways to leverage grant money to improve the infrastructure, including broadband networks, that will bring people back to the downtowns. Bringing in retailers is a priority, but...

Companies' office space investments proving to be effective tool for recruitment and retention

Peter Van Allen |

We hear all the time about the difficulty in finding qualified employees.

Where entrepreneurial spirit and financing collide

Peter Van Allen |

NPR's podcast called “How I Built This,” hosted by Guy Raz, offers compelling stories about the concepts of entrepreneurism and financing and how invariably they're intertwined in every...

Good old-fashioned hard work

Peter Van Allen |

Whenever Mainebiz honors area business leaders some common traits emerge.

Health care may be growing, but that doesn't mean it faces no challenges

Peter Van Allen |

Maine is getting older and the economy will reflect that in the growth of health care-related jobs.