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From #MeToo to #MaineCanDo: Eradicating workplace harassment

Betsy Peters |

The fundamental question for Maine business leaders is this: How can we create model workplaces and business cultures that ensure productive, competitive, equitable and respectful environments in...

Closing the skill gap by investing in education

Martha Johnston |

Working together since 2008, the Alfond Scholarship Foundation and the Finance Authority of Maine are changing how Mainers plan and prepare for higher education. Here's why that is important:

Maine Center for Entrepreneurs readies 'cultivator' businesses for growth

Peter Van Allen |

Our cover story is devoted to eight food producers that are being mentored by the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs.

Good things for L/A are happening on both sides of Androscoggin River

Peter Van Allen |

Lewiston's downtown redevelopment is not necessarily a new story.

What's in your 401(k)? Many simply don't know

Peter Van Allen |

In this issue we tackle the age-old question, When the heck am I ever going to be able to retire?

Downtowns are key to rebuilding communities across the state

Peter Van Allen |

Officials are finding ways to leverage grant money to improve the infrastructure, including broadband networks, that will bring people back to the downtowns. Bringing in retailers is a priority, but...