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Give Forbes the facts

To the editor:I've read your editorial agonizing over the annual Forbes magazine ranking. Here's a thought. Why stop there? Hopefully, your readers...

What do all these 'business climate' lists add up to?

Peter Van Allen |

We run lists all the time that offer Maine's economy or business climate in the context of the United States.

A Mainebiz reporter's memories of Nasson College

Peter Van Allen |

Maureen Milliken, a staff writer at Mainebiz, writes about planned redevelopment of parts of the former Nasson College campus (see Page 18). As Maureen reports, Nasson's closure in 1983...

Maine's high energy costs bring out Yankee ingenuity

Peter Van Allen |

Just in the past few weeks, Mainebiz has had a number of stories about energy projects.

From #MeToo to #MaineCanDo: Eradicating workplace harassment

Betsy Peters |

The fundamental question for Maine business leaders is this: How can we create model workplaces and business cultures that ensure productive, competitive, equitable and respectful environments in...