February 18, 2019
From the Editor

When technology makes our world better

The New Yorker recently published an essay by the late Oliver Sacks that bemoans technology's greater presence in our lives. "I cannot get used to seeing myriads of people in the street peering into little boxes or holding them in front of their faces, walking blithely in the path of moving traffic, totally out of touch with their surroundings."

In the workplace, we struggle with the right balance between the use of technology — whether it's texting, video conferencing or instant messaging — and good old face-to-face meetings.

In this issue, Senior Writer Renee Cordes writes about virtual reality and how it's being used by companies and nonprofits in Maine. There's the Island Institute's storytelling experiment that gives you a crustacean's view of what it's like in the lobster trap. There are virtual reality renderings used by the architecture firm SMRT to show the interior of the WEX Inc. headquarters. There's even a virtual reality scenario that helps hospice workers see what their patients are experiencing.

Also in this issue, Senior Writer Laurie Schreiber reports on how Maine companies are making the transition to the cloud, and closing the state's technology lag time.

To get a sense of technology's impact on Maine's economy, check out our graphic illustration "Workplace technology."


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