Five experts offer their take on the outlook for Maine's economy in 2018

Peter Van Allen |

Heading into 2018, it's clear that predicting the economic future is a risky endeavor. Global politics, jittery financial markets, rising interest rates, shifting policies — all can...

<b>Andy Nichols</b> is CEO of <b>Elmet Technologies</b>, a manufacturer that has 200 employees and has been a fixture in Lewiston since 1929.

Merger failed, but L/A businesses are working hard to build on both cities' strengths

Laurie Schreiber |

Businesses in Lewiston and Auburn are capitalizing on the twin cities' geographic advantages that make it a transportation and logistics hub and have spurred development of industrial parks.

<b>Jeff Zachau</b>: Zachau Construction, Freeport

Four Maine-based executives weigh in on key sectors of state's economy

Renee Cordes |

With the new year upon us, Mainebiz interviewed four executives to get a short-term outlook for their Maine-based businesses and industries: construction, banking, seafood and...

Rob Souza, president and CEO of the telecommunications firm Otelco, with a fiber-optic display board at his office in New Gloucester.

Otelco CEO Rob Souza talks about company's ambitious agenda for 2018

Renee Cordes |

Rob Souza, president and CEO of Otelco, a telecommunications firm (Nasdaq: OTEL) previously known as OTT Communications in New England, which has operations in several states, shares the company's...


Here's how you know when it's time to upgrade your accounting software

BY Dean Michaud, president of Michaud Accounting Solutions

Q: My business is growing. When do I know it's time to move beyond my current accounting software?

Search for alternative funding leads Yarmouth small business to digital marketplace lender

Revamping a flower business can be thorny, as Mark Ranalletti and his wife, Kathryn Wallingford, discovered after buying Calyx Flowers...


Largest residential mortgage lenders in Maine

Ranked by 2016 Maine dollars originated

RankLenderMaine market share
1Residential Mortgage Services, Worcester, Mass.7.38%
2Bangor Savings Bank, Bangor5.79%

Source: GeoDataVision, 203-530-1544, Information is based on 2016 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data released by the Federal Reserve in Sept. 2017, the latest available as of press time. Market data is available at any geographic level (county and town). Special thanks to Len Suzio.

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