September 26, 2017

Baileyville and Calais to establish state’s first internet utility

As part of Calais and Baileyville's effort to attract residents and businesses, the two municipalities have agreed to form the state's first interlocal fiber optic internet utility.

The Quoddy Tides reported that Baileyville's town council authorized up to $1.4 million for the project, and Calais will hold a referendum to vote on up to $2.3 million.

"Our business model projects that revenue from the leasing of the fiber will pay for the cost to operate and maintain the network as well as to pay off the debt," Julie Jordan, director of the Downeast Economic Development Corp., told the paper.

Providers that have agreed to utilize the network so far are Pioneer Broadband, OTT Communications, GWI, Axiom Technologies and FairPoint Communications. Opening the fiber optic network to Calais and Baileyville is expected to dramatically impact available internet speeds, the newspaper reported.


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