August 7, 2017

Social media is not going away and to succeed you need to be using it

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Q: There are so many different social media platforms out there. How do I know which to choose?

ACE advises: First, you need to know who your target audience is. For example, is your target young, primarily male or female, etc.? Even if you sell business to business, there are still patterns to the buyers. Define your customer and concentrate on the platform(s) they are using.

If your products appeal to a younger audience with visuals, try SnapChat. If you have products or services that are or can be made to appear visual, try Instagram. Video is a great tool so don't forget YouTube. It's the second largest search engine after Google and the videos can be embedded on your website and into other social media platforms. Facebook is still the most popular social media, especially if you sell directly to consumers. If you sell business-to-business, LinkedIn is your place. If you are the master of succinctness with your product line, Twitter may be useful.

If you are not that familiar with the platform, create an account, don't post anything but follow others. Just lurk there for a while until you get a good understanding of how the platform works, its social etiquette and what can be done with it. Conquer one social media platform at a time and track your results. Don't use paid ads on the site until you understand what will appeal to your audience.


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