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Current Edition | Energy & Utilities

Fact or Fiction: How do energy costs in Maine stack up to the nation?

Maine has the lowest electricity costs in New England. So why are they so often cited as a problem for businesses both large and small? The simple answer is that many of them compete against...
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Fisheries & Marine

New England fisheries feel the effect of warming waters

After years of contending with overfishing, pollution and increased foreign competition, fishermen along the Northeast Coast are faced with yet another challenge to their way of life — climate...
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Current Edition | Energy & Utilities 1

From coffee roasters to biomed labs — businesses save big with energy efficiencies

At Caravan Beads, owner Barry Kahn hired ReVision Energy last year to install 264 photovoltaic panels, each 260 watts, on the roof of his 22,000-square-foot retail store and warehouse. “That...
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Jackson Lab awarded grants to boost vaccines, enhance biomedical database

BAR HARBOR - The Jackson Laboratory will get a $3.4 million grant over five years to develop new agents that boost the effectiveness of vaccines to better protect elderly and immunosuppressed...
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Living to 150? Two scientists make a $300 bet with a $500M payoff

BAR HARBOR — In 2000, researchers Steven Austad, now of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and S. Jay Olshansky of the University of Chicago, each bet $150 over whether the first person...