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Takeaway perspective from Indianapolis: Cranes, planes and automobiles

A family commitment took us to Indianapolis recently. My GPS also made the trek and it, like us, struggled to grasp all the new...

WEX's groundbreaking statement about Maine

A recent Mainebiz forum asked the question, "Is Maine open for business?"

Worker shortage and lack of affordable housing go hand in hand

Mainebiz's "On the Road" events are a great way for the staff here to get a feel for what's going on around the state.

Next List 2017: We're looking at the future of Maine

With every issue, we strive to put the "Maine" in Mainebiz. Our mission is to cover businesses and business topics throughout...

Maine health care's daunting challenge

Maine's rural areas face a number of challenges, ranging from a shrinking (and aging) workforce to a lack of reliable internet.