Andrea Tetzlaff

Senior Accounts Manager
207-761-8379 ext.328
Andrea started her career in the South, doing marketing and sales for the West Virginia Lottery. In 2007, she returned to her home state of Maine to be closer to her family. Once back, Andrea chose to work with OfficeMax in their Portland facility. As an account executive, Andrea worked to help businesses discover inefficiencies in their purchasing chain and worked with companies to drive savings and compliance. In 2013, Andrea joined the Mainebiz team and has brought that consultative approach to working with her Mainebiz customers — working to find the goals they’re trying to accomplish and finding the perfect Mainebiz product to match that need. Andrea lives in southern Maine with her two babies (pups Elroy and MJ), two stepdaughters and her husband Joe. If you can’t reach Andrea in the summer, it’s more than likely she’s on the beach with a good book!