Nominate a 2018 Mainebiz Women to Watch Today!

Event information

Date: September 25, 2018
Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm
Location: Westin Harborview Hotel
157 High Street, Portland

Nominate a woman leader and executive today for the 2018 Mainebiz Women to Watch!

This Year Marks the 10th Anniversary!

10 years ago, Mainebiz launched our Women to Watch award recognition program as a way to bring attention to top-notch women executives, women whose daily work strengthens their organizations and by extension, Maine's economy.

So where are these women in Maine? Who are the pioneers, the role models, the executives whose savvy and commitment to their organizations make them an inspiration, regardless of gender?

You tell us! We are seeking nominations for women business owners, CEOs, presidents, and top executives with established track records of success and who have been trailblazers and mentors to be our 2018 Women to Watch!


  • *The nominee must be the president, CEO or executive director at her company or organization.
  • *The nominee should have an established track record of business success.
  • *The nominee and her company must have made outstanding contributions to their company, industry and community.

  • Nomination questions

  • 1. How has this individual made a professional impact on her company and/or her industry? (Describe her career track)
  • 2. Leadership: list specific examples of how she has demonstrated leadership.
  • 3. Give an example of how she has mentored others.
  • 4. How does this individual make a community impact?

  • Nominees chosen will be featured in the August 6th issue of Mainebiz and will be honored at the annual Women to Watch reception on September 25.

    Nominations Close 6/30/2018




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