Loring Industries lays off six employees

Photo / Laurie Schreiber
Photo / Laurie Schreiber
Loring Industries General Manager Tim McCabe is hopeful projects that are in negotiation will enable the Limestone company to restore jobs that have been lost in recent months due to layoffs.

Loring Industries laid off six employees last week due to a seasonal downtown, leaving the Limestone company with a workforce of about 12 employees.
Tim McCabe, head of business development for the company located at the Loring Commerce Centre, told Fiddlehead Focus he’s hopeful the downsizing will be temporary and quickly reversed.
“We do have other projects that we’re waiting on orders to begin, but [those orders] have not come in,” he said.
Last August, McCabe — who was supervising 23 employees at the time to refurbish dump trucks, plow trucks and coach buses — told Mainebiz he was looking to grow the business, particularly in the coach bus sector.
Around the same time, Loring Industries was completing a $20 million bus renovation project for the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority and had landed a bus refurbishing contract involving similar work. Loring Industries LLC was established in 2015 to assist and further the goals of the state of Maine to bring and expand business in the northernmost region of the state, according to its website.
It is in pursuit of commercial markets and Department of Defense customers that are in need of its core competencies involving life-cycle management, refurbishment and overhaul services for fleets of commercial vehicles.