New year brings new resolutions for business leaders

BY Renee Cordes


With the new year upon us, Mainebiz asked business and nonprofit leaders about their business resolutions for 2019, including hiring and growth plans. Here in no particular order is our roundup of new year's resolutions:

Joshua Broder, CEO, Tilson: “We resolve to hire 250 great people, double the business, and have fun working with peers who love what they do — building America's information infrastructure!” Editor's note: He says the current workforce count is 490, including 160 in Maine.

Ben Waxman and Whitney Reynolds, co-founders, American Roots: “American Roots is planning to add 10 new employees to our workforce of 20 by year's end. We also plan to overhaul our machines to a more modern, automated fleet of industrial sewing machines to increase our production capacity by 40%. We are excited for 2019. Game on!”

Jim Brady, president and director, Fathom Cos.: “In a return to my founding principles in the ways in which I aim to create change with business, in 2019 I am resolving to focus on three pillars: environmental sustainability, community and local focus, and the creation of opportunities for others. I believe that these values have shaped the work I have done, and they will guide my investments and decisions this coming year. “

Susan V. Morris, principal, NewHeight Group: “In 2019 as we build Verdante at Lincoln Park condos in Portland's East End, we intend to commute on our electric bikes, meet new neighbors (hello, WEX!) at new local spots in nearby neighborhoods and encourage others to make a move to a pedestrian- and cycling-friendly lifestyle.”

Alain J. Nahimana, executive director, Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center: “In 2019, we are committed to sustaining the Center's vision through enhanced leadership and technical capabilities, all in an effort to achieve our mission. On a bigger picture, 2019 is a pivotal year in showing a new narrative for immigrants in Maine and beyond: a workforce unparalleled to any before, building on Maine's work ethic and the importance of family — the Power of We.”

Patricia Weigel, president and CEO, Norway Savings Bank: “In this fast-paced technology-driven economy, I hope to continue fostering the adoption of an innovation mindset across the bank. I also hope to continue building on our achievement and support corporate culture to ensure we remain an employer of choice in this tight labor market.”

Quincy Hentzel, president and CEO, Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce: “To continue to be more reflective and inclusive of the community around us and to help support our new immigrants to find meaningful employment and economic opportunities. Also focus on building our workforce and supporting the needs of our business community to ensure it remains healthy and vibrant!”