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Gov.-elect Janet Mills wasted no time in signaling that her administration will be more open to looking at renewable energy sources as a part of the state's energy mix than Gov. Paul LePage. In a story reported by Maine Public's Fred Bever, Mills said she plans to elevate energy to a cabinet level position, in part to ensure that options suppressed or sidelined under LePage (such as wind and solar) are given full consideration in crafting the state's energy goals and policies. “I think we want all cabinet members to be looking at energy,” she said, “because I think it's so important and it crosses all strata of demographics in Maine -- the need for lower energy costs, the need for more modern energy sources.”
Do you support creating a cabinet-level position to oversee the state’s energy goals and policies?

11/15/18 AT 09:08 AM
While I agree with giving more attention to alternate energy sources I am not sure it needs to be a cabinet-level addition.

11/15/18 AT 09:08 AM
Yes. 2040 will be here before we know it.

11/14/18 AT 04:25 PM
I don't think it is necessary to increase the bureaucracy, but rather keep it at the PUC level. The Maine Public Utilities Commission needs to re-invent itself to be realistic with current energy trends.

11/14/18 AT 01:39 PM
We need this position yesterday. As the entire globe switches to green energy, we should have a person (or team) focused on developing and delivering clean energy to all Maine residents.

11/14/18 AT 12:53 PM
Energy is absolutely critical to our future and therefore a worthy cabinet level position. Renewable energy also provides the opportunity for more local jobs than extractable sources.

11/14/18 AT 12:24 PM
Rep. Ken Fredette (R) proposed this a few years ago. We will see if this now looks more appealing to Democrats under a Democrat governor. Either way, it is a good idea. However, let's not push so much wind and solar so quickly that the costs of energy go even higher for Maine citizens.

11/14/18 AT 12:17 PM
Mills will undoubtedly start the typical tax-and-spend Democratic policies and use renewable energy as the bait to make the administration look good. It is a published fact that solar and wind are inefficient at generating energy and without government subsidies [your tax dollars] they cannot and never will be self sufficient. It is a shame that with the abundance of low-cost natural gas that burns clean we are not taking advantage of this natural resource. We don't need another cabinet position we just need to be smarter in utilizing the existing energy that is already available and cut all subsidies to wind and solar.