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The recently published “Maine Jobs Project” report concluded that Maine's offshore wind potential could support an annual average of more than 2,100 jobs through 2030. It also made 15 policy recommendation to build up “critical assets for industry growth in Maine” to benefit both the offshore wind supply chain as well as other industries. Policy recommendation No. 6 — “Modernize Economic Development Strategies” — highlights Tennessee and New Mexico as states that successfully used digital media to showcase their unique assets and change previously negative impressions about whether they were a good place to start a business or career. “[Maine] under-performs in overall appeal to new companies,” the report stated, noting that the state ranked 46th in a 2017 ranking of most successful business environments. “In fact, entrepreneurs and job creators around the world are often under-informed about Maine's assets.”
Do you think a positive branding campaign showcasing our state's “unique quality of place advantages” will spur more companies outside of Maine to locate here?

06/21/18 AT 07:24 AM
Anything to help is worthwhile. However we need a broad-based plan, and not rely on one or two approaches.

06/20/18 AT 02:37 PM
Because any thinking person would realize that the offshore wind project ONLY makes sense with the abundant help of federal subsidies to support something incapable of standing on its own. Even Warren Buffet openly admitted that wind projects only make sense due to the exorbitant subsidies from the Department of Energy; or, put more succinctly; your hard earned tax dollars being flushed down the drain. At some point someone has to realize that wind projects are unsightly and cannot under any circumstance support themselves or generate revenue. The idea of a supply line that is completely dependent upon federal subsidies is corporate welfare, otherwise known as fraud. It would be great to have green energy but it is unrealistic to even begin to think that wind or solar could ever be the solution to a continuous and uninterrupted flow of electricity to power our increasingly electronic dependent lives.

06/20/18 AT 01:43 PM
Yes ... if combined with positive opinions from the next governor, unlike LePage who did his best to disparage Maine in his stated opinions.

06/20/18 AT 01:42 PM
Yes! As someone who came to Maine for work a few years ago, I can tell you that I was unaware of all the advantages Maine has to offer. I knew Maine to be rugged and rural, but I had no idea of the dynamic lifestyle of Portland or even that Maine has some of the country's most beautiful beaches. Life in Maine is a mystery to the outside - a secret that could be shared!

06/20/18 AT 01:17 PM
A quote from an article just above this question: "Seasonality, rising labor costs and the cost of doing business are the stated reasons why Fuddruckers closed its Ellsworth restaurant just three years after its opening."

06/20/18 AT 01:16 PM
Branding only works if you have the underlying components to support the brand. Having one of the highest income tax rates for small businesses, one of the highest minimum wage laws, high utility costs, etc - those are the reasons companies don't locate here. It isn't because they haven't heard of us - they HAVE, we are typically at the bottom of any listing for business friendly states. Fix that and employers will come. We can't cry that we want businesses to locate here while doing all the things that drive them away - can't have it both ways.

06/20/18 AT 12:00 PM
Rebranding will not work if we do not make other changes as well to make this a place that businesses want to call home. It is way too expensive to set up in Maine and this is one of the major reasons start-ups are not flocking to Maine. Lower taxes, take care of our elderly, get rid of administrative waste in schools and spend the school budget money on the kids and school buildings, work with industries to see what training programs are needed to ensure we have a ready workforce for incoming businesses, and lastly, stop paying welfare to people from cradle to grave so they don't have to work and contribute to our society. We do not do them any favors by paying for their entire lives. Welfare should be a limited safety net, not a way of life.