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On Tuesday, average gas prices in Maine hit $2.93 per gallon of unleaded regular, according to AAA, as prices continue rising ahead of Memorial Day and the summer season. A year ago at this time, the average price in Maine for a gallon of unleaded regular was 60 cents lower at $2.33 per gallon.
As gasoline prices near $3 per gallon, do you have to adjust your operations?

05/24/18 AT 07:35 AM
None of this makes any sense - why should the cost of a barrel of crude go up to over $70 per barrel? Greed is the only answer, profits above people. It is at this point where the cost of drilling here in the USA [even with unions] begins to make sense and all the wells that were mothballed when the price of crude fell, will now be reopened.

05/23/18 AT 02:50 PM
I happily drive a hybrid.

05/23/18 AT 12:57 PM
Operations adjustments can also be made at the ballot box.