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The Portland Press Herald reported this week that Portland's Planning Board will be evaluating zoning changes that will be necessary if a proposed 93-room hotel, parking garage mixed-use complex on a 1.93 acre lot on Portland's Fisherman's Wharf is to advance through the city's approval process. Although the project is in the early stages of development, it was among several proposals on or near Portland's waterfront cited in a letter sent to city planners last summer by a group of 90 lobstermen, fishermen and waterfront who want the city to prohibit all offices, condos and hotels on the wharf side of Commercial Street. A separate group calling itself “The Merchants, Purveyors and Maritime Businesses of Portland, Maine,” came out in support of the Fisherman's Wharf proposal, according to the Press Herald, stating that the suggested development prohibitions on the wharves were “unreasonably inflexible.”
Should Portland hold the line on its working waterfront and prohibit new offices, condos and hotels on the wharf side of Commercial Street?

04/19/18 AT 09:30 AM
Surely there is room for compromise?

04/18/18 AT 02:43 PM
Once it's gone, it's gone forever.

04/18/18 AT 02:21 PM
The Fisherman's Wharf proposal is a gross overreach by the developer. The design is poorly conceived and requires variances to work as proposed. This type of behavior should not be rewarded.

04/18/18 AT 01:46 PM
Cities with mixed waterfront use are generally more attractive. What Portland needs is smart waterfront development that allows development where it is unlikely to affect traditional waterfront use or prevent more meaningful development in future years.

04/18/18 AT 01:46 PM
One size does not fit all!!

04/18/18 AT 12:26 PM
We are the city of Portland, not Condoland, Officeland or Hotelland ! Let's build on what Portland's character has always been: a working seaport and our ocean gateway to the world.

04/18/18 AT 12:18 PM
Stop blocking the beautiful view with ugly buildings

04/18/18 AT 12:18 PM
Let the fishermen work in the area that was intended for them. This adds character and authenticity to the city. Tourists don't want to visit a tourist playground, which Portland is fast becoming.