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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt took the first step Monday toward weakening fuel economy standards enacted by the Obama administration. Pruitt abandoned the standards adopted in 2012 that would have required automakers to nearly double the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Pruitt's announcement did not say how far the standards would be rolled back. He simply stated the EPA would start a new rule-making process to set “more appropriate” standards. The Obama-era standards, if fully implemented, would have cut oil consumption by about 12 billion barrels over the lifetime of all the vehicles affected by the regulations and reduced carbon dioxide pollution by about six billion tons.
Do you support the EPA’s plan to roll back Obama-era fuel economy standards?

04/06/18 AT 12:35 PM
Bad news for Maine......

04/04/18 AT 05:50 PM
The Obama standards would make vehicles unaffordable, even if attained, which is doubtful.

04/04/18 AT 12:00 PM
It doesn't make sense to go backwards. The only people that benefit from this is the oil companies. We have been a slave to them for far too long, it's time we start taking control.


04/05/18 AT 02:01 PM

04/04/18 AT 03:11 PM
Although higher fuel efficiency should continue to be the goal, the goal of nearly doubling the average fuel economy was an unrealistic goal.

04/04/18 AT 03:00 PM
Absolutely not. It's a no-brainer and for reasons apart from the obvious environmental benefits of fuel economy standards. It puts the U.S. in a lagging position when compared to many, many other countries doubling down on improved fuel economy standards and renewable energy approaches to transportation. We will wake up one day only to find ourselves woefully behind.

04/04/18 AT 01:54 PM
This will stifle innovation and have negative long-term effects. So short-sighted!

04/04/18 AT 01:41 PM
This is another example of the Trump administration crawling into bed with Russian petroleum interests. It's stifling new technology and in 10 years will put US car makers far behind those in Europe and even India. Just another way to make American weak and sick.

04/04/18 AT 01:19 PM
Most emphatically NO!

04/04/18 AT 01:01 PM
It's shortsighted and ignorant