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In a deal that's expected to close on April 1, Reade Brower, under the corporate name of RFB Enterprises, will purchase two daily newspapers: The Times Record in Brunswick and the Journal Tribune in Biddeford. With those purchases he will own all but one of Maine's seven daily newspapers. That leaves the Bangor Daily News, whose owner is Richard Warren, as the only independently owned daily newspaper in Maine. Brower’s other media holdings in Maine include: MaineToday Media (Portland Press Herald, Maine Sunday Telegram, Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel, Coastal Journal); Sun Media Group (Lewiston Sun Journal, Forecaster/Current Newspapers, Franklin Journal, Livermore Falls Advertiser, Penobscot Times, Advertiser-Democrat Norway, Bethel Citizen, Rumford Falls Times, Rangeley Highlander, Maine Women Magazine, My Generation, 95 North); Courier Publications (Courier Gazette in Rockland, Camden Herald, Belfast Republican);, Free Press Rockland, RFB Print Co-Op, Alliance Press and specialty publications including travelMaine, TREB (The Real Estate Books) of Mid-Coast Maine, Portland and Portsmouth, N.H.
Do you see any risk in having so many Maine daily and weekly newspapers owned by a single company?

03/29/18 AT 10:38 AM
The media is so slanted already, having them controlled by a single entity will not help matters. Whether they are all slanted left or right, one-side reporting is disingenuous to all.

03/29/18 AT 10:37 AM
Concentration of media is a fundamental danger to democracy. While Reade Brower may have excellent intentions and a very good track record of hands-off ownership, this proposed media group will, almost certainly, be sold in the future, possibly to another owner with less sterling intentions.

03/28/18 AT 03:56 PM
Yes, more opportunities for 'fake news'!

03/28/18 AT 02:54 PM
I see nothing but downside for people who consume news through these papers. Risk and a significant danger to political, educational and civic discourse. How is this even legal?

03/28/18 AT 02:27 PM
Mr. Brower should offer a 51 percent ownership option to an employee stock ownership program to at least half of the publications.

03/28/18 AT 01:47 PM
Reade Brower is a printer without an agenda who is keeping alive many newspapers that might otherwise fold. At some point, though, he will sell and there could be an agenda-driven buyer who could infuse the state's daily media with a decidedly and uniformly biased approach. On the other hand, this is free enterprise.

03/28/18 AT 01:14 PM
Fewer reporters trying to find out the stuff government and business want to keep unknown and too few people making the judgments about what editorial and op-ed opinions are worthy of public consideration. Especially on statewide matters, too little competition cannot be good for the public's ability to be informed.

03/28/18 AT 12:54 PM
The state of the journalism and editing in the current regional newspapers is so poor, what does it really matter?

03/28/18 AT 12:54 PM
Troublesome, given the publications' decidedly left-leaning position on just about everything. So much for an "independent" press.

03/28/18 AT 12:54 PM
In an ideal world we benefit from diversity of opinion. The problem of consolidation is even more pressing at the national level.