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The Portland Press Herald reported recently that Airbnb continues to grow in popularity in Maine, with 280,000 people booking short-term rentals via the online booking site last year, a 62% jump over 2016. Those who rented out their homes or apartments earned a combined $43 million, the newspaper reported — which was $17 million more than in 2016, enabling the typical host to earn $6,900. The growth in the popularity is spurring some communities, including Portland and South Portland, to consider tighter regulations, including licensing Airbnb hosts and banning “unhosted” short-term rentals in all residential zones.
Do you favor greater regulation of Airbnb short-term rentals and HomeAway vacation rentals?

02/01/18 AT 08:30 AM
Airbnbs are extremely popular with millenials. Maine faces a demographic winter. We need more young people visiting our neighborhoods as they start to think about settling down.

02/01/18 AT 06:50 AM
Look, we have built our country on a free market system. Can anyone explain why a better idea needs to be regulated out of existence simply because they were not here first.

01/31/18 AT 04:44 PM
Big Brother strikes again!

01/31/18 AT 02:15 PM
People who regularly rent out their homes for short-term rentals, whether they are using an app-based service or not, are doing two things that disrupt existing markets. First, they disrupt the long-term rental market, reducing the availability of housing stock. Second, they disrupt the hotel/B&B market.

01/31/18 AT 01:02 PM
Yes. I wouldn't chose to live in a neighborhood of motels, and that's what can happen when enough people rent their homes on a transient basis. In addition, we tax and regulate the hospitality industry, which is a significant employer in the state. These unregulated and, in some cases, untaxed home rentals undercuts that industry, hurting us all.

01/31/18 AT 12:36 PM
Why do we need to come out of the gate with more regulations? Let the market play this out and if there are issues that come up, then look at imposing some rules. Let business be!!

01/31/18 AT 12:03 PM
Regulations prohibiting or limiting short-term rentals found on AirBnB will be a blow to money coming into the local economy. Local governments requiring licensing and the fees that come with it will keep some people away from renting out their homes, depriving the local area of the tourist dollars that are also spent at local business when people rent on AirBnB. This would would hurt local people, local businesses, and the local economy.

01/31/18 AT 12:02 PM
No —this is a great side-hustle for many tax-paying homeowners, and the tourism business this brings to communities helps Main Street keep the doors open.

01/31/18 AT 12:02 PM
Non-owner occupied, full house rentals should be limited and regulated.