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The Maine State Ferry Service is proposing to charge out-of-state passengers more to travel by ferry to North Haven, Vinalhaven, Frenchboro, Islesboro, Swan's Island and Matinicus than the ticket price charged for year-round residents. Some island officials say that will have an undue impact on summer residents. But the Maine Department of Transportation, which oversees the ferry service, says Maine residents and businesses already support ferry service through the state's Highway Fund — and so year-round island residents should pay less.
Should out-of-state passengers pay more than year-round islanders for ferry service to the mid-coast islands?

01/25/18 AT 07:37 AM
Seasonal and Frequency pricing variations may have that effect but explicitly targeting non-residents seems questionable both as a matter of law and as a matter of good tourism marketing

01/25/18 AT 07:37 AM
Maybe. If the person from out of state is paying taxes in Maine, they should get the discount too.

01/24/18 AT 02:38 PM
The more you charge visitors the more they will seek other places to visit.

01/24/18 AT 01:58 PM
I would suggest that the fare could be predicated on whether a person has property on the island(s) being served. Property owners could be issued a card by the respective island's town office for a reduced fare.

01/24/18 AT 01:36 PM
There should be other methods of providing discounts such as monthly or annual discounts. Unless the goal is to drive out-of-staters away and then the MSFS plan is perfect.

01/24/18 AT 01:26 PM
The DOT's attitude that since Maine residents and business help to support the ferry with their taxes they should be given a special break on the fares is short-sighted and narrow-minded. Following that logic, should we charge non-residents a special fee to travel state roads or use our airports and every other piece of transit infra-structure in the state? Should our towns then charge Maine residents who don't happen to live in those towns a surcharge for using roads paid for by the town? The sad fact is that the current administration in Augusta hates paying for transit or any other type of infrastructure, in particular if it's on the coast where those awful people "from away" happen to live and visit.

01/24/18 AT 12:49 PM
If the reasoning is based on Maine residents and businesses already supporting the ferry service then the price difference should be based on Maine residency not whether you are a resident of specific towns. A stronger proposal might be to have the ability to buy a 12-month pass that is significantly cheaper per month/day than daily or summer pass.

01/24/18 AT 12:48 PM
Maine resident vs non-resident pricing, sounds fair to me.

01/24/18 AT 12:48 PM
As proposed, out-of-state residents will pay more than in-state residents, regardless of where that in-state resident lives. These rate hikes will have little impact on those who do not reside year round on the islands, but will put the majority of the burden on islanders, rather than spreading the necessary increase across all users of the ferry system.

01/24/18 AT 12:47 PM
Out-of-state passengers should pay more, but maybe there should be a special category for seasonal residents who own property and pay Maine taxes.