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Senate Republicans passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act early Saturday morning. The legislation now goes to a congressional conference committee, which will have to reconcile any differences between the Senate's version of the tax reform bill and the one passed by the House last month. There are many differences, but both bills agree on cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% — the Senate bill in 2019, the House right away in 2018.
Do you believe the significant reduction in the corporate tax rate will spur greater investment and growth in the United States’ economy?

12/06/17 AT 05:12 PM
No, it's the old trickle down myth.

12/06/17 AT 02:35 PM
Money will go right to shareholders. If they were going to lower the rate to help raise wages and new jobs, they should have raised rates on dividends to force companies to reinvest and grow.

12/06/17 AT 02:13 PM
Absolutely. If nothing else, it levels the playing field for U.S. businesses.

12/06/17 AT 12:51 PM
Simply put, our economy responds to demand, which is driven by consumers. Improving salaries and wages will improve the long-term outlook of the middle class, which will, in turn, increase demand. Reducing corporate taxes alone will improve wealth accretion of owners and investors, not necessarily the middle class.

12/06/17 AT 11:59 AM
A ploy to pass something by the failed Trump administration; won't happen.

12/06/17 AT 02:21 PM
John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both lowered taxes in bad economies and it ended up kick-starting the economy and bringing more dollars to the treasury. The government does not produce anything, give the money back to the corporations and individuals they will produce something with it.

12/06/17 AT 02:15 PM
l don't believe prior reductions did, so why should this one?

12/06/17 AT 02:14 PM
As Ronald Reagan once said, "Here we go again!"

12/06/17 AT 02:13 PM
No. Businesses don't hire people when they have more cash, they hire people when there's greater demand for their goods and services. The only way to increase demand across the board is to put more money in the pockets of the working poor and the middle class. Wealth flows up. Ensure that people have housing, food and health care, then they can spend their extra money on consumer goods and services.

12/06/17 AT 01:19 PM
Tax cuts are like crack cocaine to the Republican Party. Whatever happened to paying your bills first? We're already adding $5,000 per year/per household to the national debt. There is zero justification for most of it, except for re-configuring corporate tax rates by reducing the top rate and reducing loopholes in a revenue neutral way. But instead, we have the usual feeding frenzy of pigs at the trough...