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Many large national retailers entice shoppers with deep discounts on Black Friday, especially on electronics and toys. For those who prefer to support locally owned merchants, there's the alternative of Small Business Saturday. And for shoppers who wish to skip the crowds entirely and are willing to wait, there's lots of online deals available on Cyber Monday.
What's your shopping preference?

11/22/17 AT 12:52 PM
I buy presents I want as I see deals, not on a particular day.

11/22/17 AT 12:16 PM
Shop local!

11/22/17 AT 12:16 PM
Keep an eye out for Cyber Monday phishing scams:

11/22/17 AT 12:15 PM
I hate to shop, but when I must, I prefer local sources.

11/22/17 AT 12:15 PM
I avoid shopping on Thanksgiving weekend like the plague and I keep forgetting about Cyber Monday because I'm still thinking about work when I get home. IF I shopped on Thanksgiving weekend, though, it would be Small Business Saturday.