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Question 1 on next Tuesday's statewide ballot is a citizen-initiated referendum that seeks to add a third casino in Maine somewhere in York County. Proponents say it would be a significant boost to Maine's economy, stating a York County casino would create 2,165 permanent jobs, 2,767 construction jobs and contribute $248.1 million in tax revenues over the first five years of operation. Opponents say Maine has enough casinos already and a third casino would be unlikely to add new revenue and instead would simply divert existing customers from casinos in Oxford and Bangor. Gov. Paul LePage also criticized the ballot initiative for chiefly benefiting the person bankrolling the referendum — out-of-state gambling developer Shawn Scott, who is the only party allowed to develop the casino if the question is approved and whose companies have been hit by a string of litigation since he sold the Bangor casino to Penn National in 2004, netting $51 million.
How will you vote on Question 1?

11/01/17 AT 03:11 PM
Shady deals shouldn't be allowed just because of untruthful advertising.

11/01/17 AT 02:21 PM
Enough already with the gambling! The folks that go to these places are those that can least afford it.

11/01/17 AT 02:00 PM
We certainly don't need another casino; look at what has happened to Atlantic City and the same can happen here as well. Two casinos struggling for the almighty buck is enough and a third would only take from the existing crowd because anyone that wants to gamble already knows where to go.

11/01/17 AT 02:01 PM
Given the financial irregularities related to the promotion of this project, the implicit lack of competition and the disingenuous promises of economic benefits, Mainers will wisely reject it.

11/01/17 AT 01:59 PM
Anyone who votes "Yes" on Question 1 is short-sighted. This referendum should never have been allowed. NO NO NO

11/01/17 AT 12:39 PM
I will vote 'No.' There is no way that they will create that many jobs — they haven't created the number of jobs in Oxford yet that they said would be created and it has been several years. If we had a casino in York County, then people from this area are not going to go to Oxford —so it just moving money from one to another. And, also, we should never have placed on a ballot a question that gives only one person the rights to build it. Very bad for the state as a whole.

11/01/17 AT 12:37 PM
This really points out the reasons to limit citizens' referenda, as the potential for abuse to destroy the election process has been more than amplified with this proposal!