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Lawmakers on Monday approved a 78-page bill establishing regulations for the legal marijuana market, with the House voting 81-50 and the Senate voting 22-9. LD 1650 culminated seven months of work by the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee and spells out in great detail the rules for licensing and regulating marijuana producers, processors and retail establishments. It also sets a 10% sales tax on adult use marijuana and will delay marijuana social clubs until the summer of 2019. But the House tally fell short of the two-thirds threshold needed to override a possible veto by Gov. Paul LePage, whose alternative bill, rejected by lawmakers, would have extended the existing moratorium on the voter-approved marijuana law until 2019.
How soon should the moratorium be lifted on commercially producing, processing and selling adult marijuana in Maine?

10/25/17 AT 01:06 PM
I am having problems with the delay as it is. The referendum had clear rules, and no constitutional issues. Why does the Legislature see fit to write a new law to replace the passed referendum? They could have done this without the need and expense of a referendum!

10/25/17 AT 12:57 PM
It is going to happen so let's just get it started and start collect the taxes. Marijuana is already being sold for "delivery fees."

10/25/17 AT 12:48 PM
It's currently legal to possess and grow marijuana. Black market sales provide no tax revenue, nor will retail purchases lost to Massachusetts when that state opens the retail doors. Implement the law as soon as possible.

10/25/17 AT 12:32 PM
The people voted. If our legislators cannot figure out a way to make this work then they should be replaced by people who are willing to implement what the voters want in a constructive and mindful way. This is just another stall tactic.

10/25/17 AT 12:17 PM
Like transportation bonds and ranked choice voting, the people have asked for it and it should be approved in a timely manner whether we agree with it or not.

10/25/17 AT 12:17 PM
[If he vetoes this plan] LePage is foolishly wasting the opportunity for the government to earn tax revenue from this plan. He is rejecting the will of the people!