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A legislative committee charged with drafting regulations covering the retail aspects of the recreational marijuana law approved by Maine voters last November is proposing a 20% sales tax on cannabis when a moratorium on sales is lifted in February 2018. The proposed tax, which is part of a 70-page bill, is double the 10% sales tax proposed in the Question 1 ballot initiative narrowly approved on Nov. 8, 2016, with 381,768 Mainers voting “yes” and 377,773 voting “no.” If Maine lawmakers approve raising the recreational marijuana sales tax to 20% it would put the state on par with Massachusetts, which this summer raised its marijuana tax to 20%, up from the 12% rate proposed in a successful 2016 ballot initiative.
Do you support the committee's proposal to charge a 20% sales tax on recreational marijuana instead of the 10% rate approved by voters?