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Leverage your options

Justin Lamontagne |

Good or bad, there is no denying that in today's fast-paced, short attention span society, we have a lot of options. Options for television shows. Options for news sources. Options for...

Do a 7-step cyber health checkup

Daniel Mitchell and Michael Bosse |

Cyber security is top of mind in businesses of all sizes. As lawyers practicing in the data privacy and cyber security areas throughout Maine and New England, we thought it would be...

Develop a workforce from an early age

Katy Nicketakis |

Schools serve an increasingly large role in society. It's no longer just reading, writing and arithmetic.

How do I write a proposal?


Q: I'm in charge of human resources at a growing company that wants to formalize recruiting procedures. The CEO and the board told me to write a proposal, but I'm...

How do you stop workers from bickering?

Answered by Susan deGrandpre, Collaboration Consulting |

Q: My employees do good work, but they waste a lot of time bickering and complaining to me about each other. I feel like a kindergarten teacher sometimes. How can...

Here's how to make sure critical instructions stick

Jim Milliken, Project Management Consultant |

Q: How can I ensure accurate understanding of instructions? Even when communication seems really excessive, it's hard to get the right result.

Adapting your company to the demands of a millennial workforce

Sarah Davis |

Successful businesses in Maine and around the country are seeking out bright young minds who can bring innovative ideas and fill the labor void left by retiring baby boomers. In 2015, Pew Research...

How to: Count steps and create a healthier, happier workplace

Andrew Silsby |

Keeping track of exercise and activity levels using fitness trackers has become immensely popular over the last few years. Harnessing this popularity in the workplace has benefits that...

How to: Manage passionate and emotional employees

Nancy Marshall |

When I was in my 20s, fresh out of Colby College, I was even more full of ideas and energy than I am now. I came to work every day brimming with new ideas on how to make things better,...

Ask ACE: How can we strengthen our team without engaging in partisan politics?

Answered By Nicola Chin, Up With Community |

Q: Our business doesn't take political stands or engage in partisan politics. However, we've noticed an increase in employee distress and concerns in this moment.