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Workforce development: Discovering the amazing knowledge and talents of veterans

Maine's labor shortage has been well documented and it shows no signs of abating.

Meet the Mainebiz Business Leaders of the Year

Peter Van Allen |

We hear a lot about "makers" these days and it typically means furniture makers, boat builders, crafts people.

Manufacturing homegrown brands

Peter Van Allen |

Manufacturing's job count in Maine has not reached the level where it was even before the recession, and is a far cry from historic levels.

Aquaculture has long history of fitting in

Paul Dioli in his letter to the editor [in the print edition of Feb. 18] suggests that aquaculture must fit in with other coastal activities such as commercial fishing and tourism. He is...

When technology makes our world better

Peter Van Allen |

The New Yorker recently published an essay by the late Oliver Sacks that bemoans technology's greater presence in our lives. "I cannot get used to seeing myriads of people in the...

Aquaculture must be good for all parties

To the Editor:We applaud the Island Institute for its support to help grow the aquaculture industry. Developing new markets and waterfront jobs is...

Portland still the hot-spot of development in southern Maine

Peter Van Allen |

Driving around may not seem like a productive use of time in most industries, but in the news business, it's a first-hand way to see construction that's underway, businesses that have...

How long will Maine's real estate boom continue? Beyond 18 months, it's anybody's guess

Peter Van Allen |

As this issue goes to press, the Mainebiz staff is working out who is going to cover which speakers at the annual MEREDA conference.

Baby boomers can help ease workforce shortage

As a business owner focused exclusively on the career transitions of Maine professionals, I read with interest the Dec. 10 Mainebiz cover story, "What's Next for Maine's Labor...

For 2019, predicting the unpredictable

Peter Van Allen |

Going into 2019, there's been a lot of talk about the economy and where it's headed. With the stock market taking a rocky ride, forecasts of doom-and-gloom abound.