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A Mainebiz reporter's memories of Nasson College

Peter Van Allen |

Maureen Milliken, a staff writer at Mainebiz, writes about planned redevelopment of parts of the former Nasson College campus (see Page 18). As Maureen reports, Nasson's closure in 1983...

Maine's high energy costs bring out Yankee ingenuity

Peter Van Allen |

Just in the past few weeks, Mainebiz has had a number of stories about energy projects.

From #MeToo to #MaineCanDo: Eradicating workplace harassment

Betsy Peters |

The fundamental question for Maine business leaders is this: How can we create model workplaces and business cultures that ensure productive, competitive, equitable and respectful environments in...

Closing the skill gap by investing in education

Martha Johnston |

Working together since 2008, the Alfond Scholarship Foundation and the Finance Authority of Maine are changing how Mainers plan and prepare for higher education. Here's why that is important:

Maine Center for Entrepreneurs readies 'cultivator' businesses for growth

Peter Van Allen |

Our cover story is devoted to eight food producers that are being mentored by the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs.

Good things for L/A are happening on both sides of Androscoggin River

Peter Van Allen |

Lewiston's downtown redevelopment is not necessarily a new story.

What's in your 401(k)? Many simply don't know

Peter Van Allen |

In this issue we tackle the age-old question, When the heck am I ever going to be able to retire?

Downtowns are key to rebuilding communities across the state

Peter Van Allen |

Officials are finding ways to leverage grant money to improve the infrastructure, including broadband networks, that will bring people back to the downtowns. Bringing in retailers is a priority, but...

Companies' office space investments proving to be effective tool for recruitment and retention

Peter Van Allen |

We hear all the time about the difficulty in finding qualified employees.

Where entrepreneurial spirit and financing collide

Peter Van Allen |

NPR's podcast called “How I Built This,” hosted by Guy Raz, offers compelling stories about the concepts of entrepreneurism and financing and how invariably they're intertwined in every...