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Good old-fashioned hard work

Peter Van Allen |

Whenever Mainebiz honors area business leaders some common traits emerge.

Health care may be growing, but that doesn't mean it faces no challenges

Peter Van Allen |

Maine is getting older and the economy will reflect that in the growth of health care-related jobs.

Maine's rural businesses struggle to connect

Peter Van Allen |

The Three Ring Binder is a term that's been bandied about for some time in Maine.

Portland's on fire, but don't ignore Bangor

Peter Van Allen |

This issue is focused on greater Portland and contains a good deal of information about the booming real estate market and new corporate headquarters.

Can commercial development keep the Maine economy rolling?

Peter Van Allen |

You could argue that when it comes to forecasting the economy, Maine's default setting is "cautious optimism."

Mainebiz staff expanding its horizons in 2018

Peter Van Allen |

For this year, I've asked the Mainebiz editorial staff to expand its horizons.

It takes a village to raise a business

Peter Van Allen |

American Roots is one of several businesses Mainebiz honored recently at our Next event.

What about athenahealth?

Randall Poulton, Winterport |

I have been reading Mainebiz for many years. Lately, I have been disappointed by not only the focus on southern Maine, but your general ignorance about "northern" Maine.

Worker shortage and lack of affordable housing go hand in hand

Peter Van Allen |

Mainebiz's "On the Road" events are a great way for the staff here to get a feel for what's going on around the state.