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Owner of historic Maine canoe maker explains difficult decision to move out of state

Lincoln Canoe and Kayak, one of the oldest canoe and kayak makers in the state, is moving out of its Freeport retail location by the end of the month and opening up shop in...
Marketing & Media

Boston publisher to launch Portland newspaper

The publisher of the Dig Boston alternative weekly newspaper announced Friday its plan to launch a sister company in Portland, just days after a sale of the...
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Current Edition | Agriculture

Author Mary Quinn Doyle documents the changes in Maine's farms and their economic importance

Walking amid the Holstein cows at Benson Farm in Gorham, writer and photographer Mary Quinn Doyle seems at home, petting a calf while scoping out the dairy and composting operations. And...
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Current Edition

On the edge: Monhegan Island's year-round residents take charge of their future

Shermie Stanley doesn't need to read the Island Institute's 62-page 2011 status report on Maine's 15 year-round island communities to know how Monhegan Island is faring. All he has to do...
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Current Edition | Real Estate & Construction

Northeast Harbor reset: After two major downtown fires, rebuilding includes a rethinking

Several years after two devastating downtown fires, Northeast Harbor is finally seeing a resurgence.